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Ensure your unique data and process requirements are being met with IT solutions built on deep domain experience and expertise.


At Coretelligent, we’re redefining the essence of IT services to emphasize true partnership and business alignment.


Get our perspective on the connections between technology and business and how they affect you.


Solutions in AI & Automation

Streamline operations, improve decision-making, and drive growth with IT solutions that bring transformative technologies into your business.

Grow Faster with AI & Business Automation Solutions

Current advances in digital technology are accelerating the speed of business. There’s faster connecting, buying, fulfilling, expanding – and, if you’re not prepared, faster failing. Our AI and automation solutions harness cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Power Platform and Copilot to help speed your path to efficiency and innovation the right way.

Automate repetitive tasks to increase performance. Utilize AI-driven insights to promote strategic decision-making. And propel your business toward achieving your growth objectives with precision and agility.

What Are the Benefits of AI & Business Automation Solutions?

AI and business automation solutions help companies accomplish more with fewer resources – with benefits that expand daily. Keeping up with the pace of modern business is only the start.

Efficiency & Productivity

Reduce costs and enhance service by automating routine manual tasks like onboarding and approvals, freeing time for more strategic work.

Proactive Digital Engagement

We don’t just automate – we help you predict and adapt to changes, ensuring your business stays ahead with reliable, uninterrupted services.

Security & Compliance

Responsible AI and automation cannot be separated from protecting your data and achieving regulatory data-handling compliance – period.

Scalable Solutions

Our services grow with you, supporting quality and performance as you expand your team, enhance customer onboarding, or enter new markets.

What Our Customers Say

“Coretelligent is not just a technology partner; they are an extension of our team. Coretelligent, day after day, works closely to support, troubleshoot, and look after all our employees’ IT needs. They also monitor all our offices up and down the East Coast. In a work environment so reliant on technology—it is our #1 priority, operationally—having 24/7/365 day support allows us to successfully support and process our business.”

“Integral to the past and future success of our firm is our partnership with Coretelligent. Entrusting the entirety of our IT footprint to Coretelligent has created a multiplying effect for the business; we are realizing greater synergies, empowering our people to be more productive, and enhancing our abilities to protect our business and our clients’ data from ever-present cyber threats.”

“You can see how carefully Coretelligent stays in touch with our needs, and tailors things to suit our changing goals or circumstances. There have even been times when we thought we had to replace something, and Coretelligent told us it wasn’t the case — that we could reduce capital expenditures by leveraging something we already had for more value. That’s what a CFO wants to hear.”

Let’s Talk About Your AI & Business Automation Needs

Allow advanced technology to simplify and resolve your biggest pain points.

More Solutions for You

Data & Analytics

Improve decision-making with IT solutions that surface new insights, enable transparency, and create competitive differentiation.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Safeguard computers, networks, and data while strengthening your compliance response with robust IT solutions and advisory services.

Cloud Services

Maximize workload uptime with secure cloud solutions optimized for performance, cost, and scalability.  

FAQs About AI & Business Automation

There’s a lot to know about AI and business automation. To help you get started, here are some basics.

Businesses benefit from process automation by letting technology handle tedious, time-consuming activities for them. Automating manual tasks enhances efficiency and productivity, reduces operational costs, and minimizes human mistakes. It also helps employees to improve service quality and respond faster to market changes and customer needs.

An example of business process automation is using software to automatically handle IT patch management and backups. Without automation, this routine, manual task is inefficient and prone to error. With automation, the task can be completed accurately and on-time, which frees up your IT staff to focus on more strategic work. Other business process automation examples include: 

  • streamlining help-desk support operations by categorizing and prioritizing incoming tickets automatically, and
  • using AI-powered chatbots for 24/7 customer service to handle common queries. 

You can even use business process automation to help with predictive maintenance. By enabling AI to routinely analyze historical machine maintenance data, your business can better anticipate and prevent equipment failures before they occur.

Different types of business automation technologies include:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Leverage powerful AI software to execute repetitive tasks like data transfers, onboarding, call center operations, system-setup, and more.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) – For data-driven decisions, predictive analytics, and improving processes over time.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Enables understanding and generation of human language, automating customer service through chatbots.
  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)– Connects different business applications, automating workflows across them to streamline operations​​​​​​.