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Business Continuity Checklist

Download our business continuity plan and checklist PDF for tips on enabling your organization to maintain critical business functions in the event of an incident or cyber attack.

What Is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan is a set of protocols and steps that allow a business to continue operating in the face of unexpected events or disasters. Ransomware threats pose a critical risk to business operations, potentially causing significant disruption. It is essential for businesses to develop a robust business continuity plan to mitigate the impact of these operational halts.

Who Is the Business Continuity Checklist for?

Business continuity is important for almost every type of organization, regardless of size, location or industry. No company can afford the reputational damage caused by data loss or sustain operations in the face of an extended service outage for long. In today’s global economy, a business continuity plan is an absolute survival necessity.

The Importance of a Business Continuity Plan Checklist

Our business continuity plan checklist offers a quick, at-a-glance way to understand what you need to put in place to maintain business continuity through unforeseen events.

Download the business continuity checklist PDF to get all of the information above.

Key Business Continuity Checklist Takeaways

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