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Investment Firm Secures High-Velocity Growth With IT Innovation

Industry expertise and 24/7/365 support give Shay Capital an IT infrastructure primed for security and growth.
End-to-End Security
Enabled seamless, cross-location operations with advanced protection for sensitive financial data.
Scalable Infrastructure
Developed mobile solutions for secure, on-the-go access to data and trading platforms.
Shay Capital, a burgeoning proprietary investment management firm based in New York, specializes in high-velocity trading. With a team of approximately 35, including 30 portfolio managers, it focuses on strategic growth and technological excellence.

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Shay Capital, a growing New York-based investment firm, needed a forward-thinking IT partner capable of supporting their high-velocity trading operations. 

They chose us for our successful history with hedge funds, experienced team of professionals, and innovative tech solutions.


In 2018, Shay Capital was a team of eight looking to grow their investment management firm. With an office relocation ahead, they knew it was time to find an IT partner who understood and could support the high pressure and complex nature of high-velocity trading. 

Mike Murray, principal at Shay Capital, recalls, “As a growing investment firm, it was important to have the right technology, speed, and execution. Noting the complexity of a small organization and a number of people who are highly dependent upon their systems, it was mission-critical for us to have a top-tier technology infrastructure and partner.”

With staff working around the clock and relying on their workstations and secure internet connections, they needed a reliable IT infrastructure with a high level of support at all hours.


Upgrading to Mobile and Scalable Infrastructure

Shay Capital’s office relocation meant not only a new address but also a new scalable infrastructure. In the investment management world, every aspect of technology needs to be consistently functional, from the keyboard to trading applications. We were able to keep the firm running while replacing every workstation, migrating systems to CoreCloud’s private servers, and upgrading their telecommunication services. 

“We went through a pretty substantial move from a smaller office to a bigger office, and we were up and running at both facilities, which was great,” said Murray. 

Understanding the high level of sensitive information within a financial services firm, we implemented firewalls, antivirus, web filtering, email monitoring, spam filtering, and multi-factor authentication to keep Shay Capital secure. Murray explains, “We need the comfort and confidence to operate our business. There is a lot of capital involved and capital movement, so having a secure system is very important.” 

With financial investment work taking place at all hours, mobility was crucial. Having CoreCloud and remote desktop servers meant that portfolio managers could access data and trading platforms from anywhere. When the coronavirus hit, their IT infrastructure enabled a smooth transition to a remote environment. 

Shay Capital is committed to aligning their business and IT strategy in a way that mitigates risk while positioning them for opportunities in the future. Murray explains, “Implementing best practices, as well as policies and procedures that protect our firm from risk, is critical. Coretelligent’s history with the business and familiarity with compliance regulations is highly important to us.”

Support Without Limits

Seconds can be the difference between gains and losses, making stability and system redundancy musts in this fast-paced, competitive industry. This is why in addition to ensuring Shay Capital’s tech infrastructure is optimized, mobile, and positioned for growth, we also provide their unlimited, 24/7/365 remote support. We resolve issues quickly, so portfolio managers can focus on their investments, not their technology.  

Shay Capital has secure backups with CoreBDR, which gives them confidence that they can keep working, no matter what. Murray emphasizes, “We can never be down, or it will be a net drag to our business. Being highly responsive is a critical aspect of what we accomplish. So far, there haven’t been any issues, which is remarkable.” 

In addition to remote support, we provide an onsite engineer every Monday to give them proactive support. “Having an engineer onsite gives an extra layer of comfort when something goes wrong. Having an engineer who we trust and have a relationship with is extremely valuable,” says Murray. 

The Three Cs 

Since partnering with Coretelligent, Shay Capital has more than doubled its team. “We’ve been fortunate enough to have a successful growth path in this business, which is very challenging. Having an infrastructure in place that allows us to double and triple our team or assets without any huge change to our infrastructure is very comforting,” says Murray. 

Shay Capital wanted to invest in an IT partner who fulfilled the three Cs: competence, commitment, and confidence. They needed a partner who understood and could support an investment management firm’s day-to-day functions while still offering IT strategy. They needed an MSP who was transparent and committed to aligning their IT infrastructure with their business goals. Lastly, they needed an IT partner who gave them confidence that there would be no interruptions, and issues would be resolved immediately. Reflecting on our partnership over the years, Murray says, “We hold the Coretelligent team in the highest regard.” 

For a business that deals in risk, having Coretelligent as your IT partner is a sure bet.

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