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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Unlock growth with secure, compliant healthcare and life sciences IT solutions designed for operational excellence.

How We Provide IT Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences Businesses

In the dynamic world of healthcare and life sciences, the march toward innovation is intertwined with stringent compliance and data security requirements. 

Our IT solutions for healthcare and life sciences businesses are built on deep industry expertise and are tailored to address the unique challenges of this vertical. We empower organizations to confidently meet regulatory demands – with enhanced efficiency and scalability for safeguarding sensitive data. With Coretelligent as your IT partner, you’re aligning your operations with strategy to nurture growth and ensure resilience in a competitive landscape.

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Managing IT Needs in the Healthcare & Life Sciences Field

We provide specialized IT solutions that support the unique goals of healthcare and life sciences companies.

Need help with HIPAA and other healthcare regulation compliance?

Our cybersecurity and compliance professionals are proficient in handling data privacy and security requirements for healthcare and life sciences companies – including HIPAA, HITRUS, SOX, and more. We ensure that your technology infrastructure conforms to stringent industry standards and can provide additional assurance around documentation, reporting, and third party risk management.

Need reliable IT expertise to go above and beyond while filling in-house tech skills gaps?

We provide 24/7/365 IT support, with services customized to cater to the distinctive needs of the healthcare and life sciences industries. We offer proactive monitoring, maintenance, and strategic IT planning. Our IT solutions engineers are committed to providing anticipatory service and meticulous attention to detail.

Want to modernize your IT infrastructure, but concerned about cloud security?

We have deep experience in guiding healthcare and life sciences organizations through secure cloud transitions, helping them enhance operational efficiency and safeguard against evolving cyberthreats. Our cloud migration services are meticulously planned to comply with healthcare and life sciences standards and regulations, ensuring a smooth and secure digital transformation.

Get End-to-End IT Solutions for Your Life Sciences Vertical

Data Security Solutions for a More Secure Biopharma Future

In the highly competitive biotech and pharmaceutical industries, protecting sensitive research data is critical. Our dedicated IT services, with a strong emphasis on cybersecurity and compliant data management, safeguard your invaluable research data against emerging cyber threats, ensuring your innovations remain secure and proprietary.

Cutting-Edge IT Support to Help Advance Diagnostics

For diagnostic tool companies, precision and reliability are paramount. Our specialized IT services, with a focus on cybersecurity and data analytics, help protect sensitive diagnostics data and enhance research capabilities. Our support empowers you to develop and deliver diagnostic breakthroughs with confidence and compliance.

Empowering Medical Device Development with Robust IT Infrastructure

We offer IT solutions tailored specifically to support the complex demands of device development and regulatory adherence. Our focus on secure, compliant infrastructure and efficient workflow automation ensure that your projects move forward smoothly to facilitate your market readiness.

Transforming Health Tech with Strategic IT Solutions

In the rapidly evolving field of Health Technology, staying ahead means leveraging the latest in IT innovation. We specialize in cloud solutions and IT outsourcing that give health tech firms the agility to scale, innovate, and lead in the development of transformative health solutions.

Trusted by Healthcare & Life Sciences Leaders

“At Dianthus Therapeutics, we recognize the valuable role that Coretelligent plays in our ability to execute and meet the needs of our employees and partners. Their services provide a crucial foundation for our ability to grow and meet the needs of the company and our industry. Coretelligent’s expertise in helping with everything from security and compliance to our daily processes allows us to focus on our goals.”

“Good service. Nice, professional people. Good response time. I would not hesitate to recommend Coretelligent to others.”

“Coretelligent’s onsite engineers are extremely knowledgeable and always go the extra mile. We have been fortunate to work with a great team at Coretelligent over the last few years. They have been terrific assets in helping Smile Train work through some trying times. We consider them to be part of the Smile Train team.”

Trusted by Healthcare & Life Sciences Leaders

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