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Plan to Succeed with Cloud Strategy

What Are Cloud Strategy Services and Why Are They Important?

Cloud strategy services create custom cloud implementation plans that align with a company’s existing technology and business goals. Organizations engage cloud strategy professionals to make sure that data compliance and other business-specific requirements are built into their cloud investment from the start. 

When you partner with us for cloud strategy, you get a cloud adoption and transformation roadmap that’s optimized for cost, scaled for growth, and tailored to your unique business needs. Leverage our cloud expertise to help ensure your success.

Digital business processes require speed and storage – and require a modern approach to achieve and maintain both over the long term. Professional cloud strategy services can help ensure you get the components best suited to the goals you’re trying to achieve, both today and as your business grows.

Business Implications


Cloud Strategy Essentials

Your cloud journey should be as unique as your business goals. Our cloud strategy solution combines our expertise and leading technology partnerships to deliver a custom roadmap that’s built for your needs.

Tailoring a cloud adoption plan to your business goals.

Assessing and recommending cloud solutions for efficiency and growth. (Include choosing a public, private, hybrid approach based on their needs)

Ensuring your cloud environment meets rigorous security standards.

Optimizing cloud spending for maximum ROI.

Escape outdated systems like Excel with custom, cloud-native apps that allow a stronger security and integrity posture with the most up-to-date technology.

Our cloud strategy solution is enhanced through partnerships with industry-leading platforms:

  • Microsoft 365/Azure – Leveraging Microsoft’s comprehensive suite for cloud services and applications.
  • Egnyte – Utilizing Egnyte for secure, cloud-based file sharing and collaboration.
  • Mimecast – Incorporating Mimecast for advanced email security and compliance in the cloud.

These collaborations ensure your cloud transformation journey is built on a solid foundation of trusted, high-quality technology.

Depending on your goals, we can provide proprietary services to complement your cloud initiatives, including:

  • CoreCloud – A private cloud solution for secure, scalable infrastructure needs.
  • CoreArmor – Advanced cybersecurity to safeguard your cloud investments.
  • CoreDTS – Digital Transformation Services that employ AI and automation to optimize processes.

These products can be tailored to your unique needs to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud, bolster security, and drive efficiency.

Benefits of Our Cloud Strategy Services

Transitioning your business to the cloud – completely or even partially – is a strategic move. Professional cloud strategy services can help maximize the value of your efforts. Consider these figures.

85% adoption*

Percentage of firms expected to adopt a “cloud-first” strategy by 2025, highlighting a strategic, competitive shift toward cloud computing.

43% service boost*

Cloud adoption is showing significant benefits, including a 43% increase in service standards and 42% increase in corporate resilience.

37% faster time-to-market*

Cloud implementations see a 37% boost in new feature time-to-market and a 38% increase in software development & maintenance efficiency.

39% cost savings*

A staggering 39% of businesses report achieving their cost-saving objectives through cloud utilization.


The Future of Your Cloud Strategy – Hybrid Cloud or Multi Cloud?

Many businesses struggle with determining whether one cloud environment is enough for their requirements and how to know which option is best for optimizing their processes. Here’s our take on the topic.

What Our Customers Say

“Protecting financial information starts with a highly secure backup  that is accessible from various locations. When the Coretelligent team explained their process around data backup and recovery, we knew that we had chosen the right partner to protect the financial information of all our clients.”

“When COVID hit, we were nervous about the transition to remote work. With Coretelligent’s cloud-first approach, we had the structure in place to seamlessly work from home. Since being home, they still deliver the same level of unmatched support. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership.”

“Coretelligent is exceptional in many ways, combining technical acumen, attention to detail, and a mindset for relentless improvement necessary to meet our high standards. Customer service and environment awareness are a step above others in the industry, maintaining a proactive posture, detecting and addressing issues before they become problems.”

Let’s Talk About Cloud Strategy Services

Tell us about your business roadmap. Our experts can validate your cloud direction and offer options you may not be aware of.

FAQs About Cloud Strategy Services

Need help explaining cloud strategy services to a colleague or other stakeholder? Start here.

Cloud strategy services involve assessing your organization’s needs to determine the most suitable cloud-based solutions for your technology infrastructure. The objective of these services is to deliver a cloud implementation and maintenance plan that’s tailored specifically to help your business build efficiency, scalability, and business growth.

Cloud strategy services typically include:

  • Business & Technology Assessment – Evaluate current and future needs.
  • Strategic Planning – Develop a tailored cloud adoption roadmap.
  • Security & Compliance – Ensure alignment with industry standards.
  • Cost Optimization – Identify savings and efficiency gains.
  • Technology Implementation – Utilize solutions like Microsoft 365/Azure, CoreCloud, and CoreArmor for operational enhancement.

The benefits of using cloud strategy services are:

  • Enhanced Efficiency – Streamline operations and workflows for improved productivity.
  • Scalability – Flexibly adjust resources to meet changing business demands, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Cost Optimization – Identify opportunities to optimize spending and reduce infrastructure costs through efficient cloud utilization.
  • Enhanced Security –  Implement robust security measures and compliance standards to safeguard data and assets.
  • Business Agility – Adapt quickly to market dynamics and capitalize on emerging opportunities with agile cloud solutions.

Businesses and organizations that can benefit from cloud strategy services include:

  • Financial Services –  Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms can leverage cloud solutions for secure data management and compliance.
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers benefit from cloud strategies for patient data management and telemedicine solutions.
  • Legal – Law firms and legal organizations utilize cloud services for document management, collaboration, and secure data storage.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturers leverage cloud technologies for supply chain management, inventory tracking, and process optimization.
  • Retail – Retailers utilize cloud solutions for e-commerce platforms, inventory management, and customer relationship management.
  • Education – Schools and educational institutions adopt cloud strategies for online learning platforms, student data management, and administrative functions.
  • Non-profit – Non-profit organizations benefit from cloud services for fundraising, donor management, and program delivery.

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