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Incident Response Checklist

Do you understand your organization’s incident response capacity? What would happen if you fell victim today to a phishing campaign, ransomware attack, or other attack.

Why You Need Our Incident Response Checklist

Even with the best security measures and training, organizations can still fall victim to cyberattacks and outages. This is why every organization needs an incident action plan as well as a business continuity plan. Together these plans allow your business to respond to and recover from security events and disasters.

Download our incident response checklist to take action on developing your plan.

Who Is the Incident Response Checklist for?

The short answer is that the incident response checklist is for everyone. 

No company is immune to becoming a target, but some industries are more likely to be targets based on the amount or type of data they possess. Industries that are heavily dependent on data or have sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII) or financial information are more likely to be targeted because attackers believe they are more likely to pay the ransom.

Healthcare and financial services are among the top industries targeted by attackers, according to the World Economic Forum. Attacks on the healthcare industry, in particular, include ransomware attacks, theft of confidential patient healthcare records, and disruption of care services. All of these make having an incident response action plan even more important for these industries.

The Importance of Having an Incident Response Action Plan

Did you know that the Federal Bureau of Investigation advises against paying the ransom in a cyberattack? This may not be intuitive though, especially when the attacker is threatening to release your data.

The importance of an incident response action plan and checklist is in the value of knowing exactly what to do in the moment of attack and making the right moves to not only best protect you and your customers, but also help appropriate agencies crack down on cybercrime.

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Key Incident Response Checklist Takeaways

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