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Three Words: Brand. New. Coretelligent.

In this post:

We’ve got some exciting news to share, and we want to kick off the “big reveal” by first saying thank you to our amazing Coretelligent customers.

You’re the reason we keep honing our skills and evolving how we think about the relationship between business and technology.

Those of you who’ve been with us for a while already know that we’ve never been an MSP that sees IT support as a commodity, as something that starts and ends with resetting passwords and installing software. We believe this distinction is more critical than ever.

Over the past 18 years, we’ve been providing IT service with a unique approach, one that combines business strategy with technical expertise. We’ve also watched the value we’re able to drive for our customers expand exponentially. 

The strength and benefits of practicing this strategic vision for our customers’ long-term success have become exceptionally clear.

This is why we’re unveiling a Brand. New. Coretelligent.  

Transforming Ourselves from the Inside Out

For the past several months, we’ve been working on refreshing the fundamental thinking behind our services, our positioning, and our brand. This is the company equivalent of shrugging off our comfortable old, worn-out tech hoodie for a fresh new identity that better fits who we are and – even more importantly – what we do.

From the pervasive influence of AI to the increasing demand for productivity improvements and automation, today’s IT trends are reshaping the digital landscape where business gets done. We’re constantly studying these trends and developing new capabilities and expertise so that we can offer you guidance and best practices around the latest tech innovations.

This is how we’re able to optimize how your tech performs for your specific needs. It’s how we ensure your tech investments meet your day-to-day and growth goals. And it’s absolutely how we keep your essential data and infrastructure safe and secure.   

So think of this as our MSP 2.0 breakout role: we’re still your hardworking IT support partner, but we also have more advanced, agile capabilities dedicated to your success – and now, it shows.   

Our New Positioning, Site, and Style

Let’s dig into what the “new Coretelligent” means for you. We’ve refreshed our SERVICES & SOLUTIONS offerings across six categories –

– and rolled out a snappy new tagline: Smart Tech. Smart Solutions.

Don’t worry – none of the services we perform for you are going away. But we have updated how we talk about what we do and made it easier to share the breadth of all our capabilities.

Each category of solutions comprises a number of individual offerings to meet different business needs. For example, the IT Services Outsourcing category includes solutions for Managed IT Services, Co-Managed IT Services, and Software Licensing & Management. Likewise, Cybersecurity & Compliance includes solutions for Cybersecurity Strategy & Defense, Compliance Solutions, Data & Apps Security, and Comprehensive Security Solutions & Training. And so on.

We hope you’ll take some time to explore these services on our website and let us know what you think. Please reach out to our account services team directly, or connect with us here with any feedback or questions.  

  • We’ve relaunched our WEBSITE with a new, user-friendly design that also is –
    • organized around business needs to help you find answers quickly and easily; and
    • mobile-optimized so you can browse on-the-go.

Check us out at Any links you may have bookmarked will be redirected to new site pages. Let us know if you’ve got questions – as always, we’re happy to help.  

  • We’ve modernized our brand’s VISUAL STYLE with new elements that include – 
    • our Coretelligent “power button” logo, which nods to the dynamic, enabling energy and capabilities we bring to our customers;
    • our clean, new color palette, which is rooted in healthy greens (for growth) and cool blues (for clear thinking and tech innovation); and
    • our dot patterns and waves, which represent the data that surrounds, flows through, and transforms our customers’ businesses – and which we protect and enhance to help you succeed.

You’ll see these elements on our new site – but you’ll also see them on things like our email communications, social channels, company statements, and more. This is what we look like, now.

Our Commitment to You

So, that’s our big news. Our new site went live on May 22, 2024, but this MSP 2.0 metamorphosis has been in our company DNA from the very start.

The hard work we’ve invested in refreshing our Coretelligent identity speaks to our leadership in a shifting industry, where the chasm between traditional MSPs and tech services companies is only growing wider.

It also underscores our commitment to making you this pledge: Whatever your IT solution needs, from security to compliance, data science, and digital transformation, we’ve got you covered – today and into the future.

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