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Get Your Data Action-Ready with Data Management

What Are Data Management Services and Why Are They Important?

Data management services are focused on providing businesses with the data architecture skills and support they need to acquire, process, store, and protect their most important digital information. 

Our data management services give you the professional expertise of our data solutions engineers without the cost of traditional in-house overhead. From data integrity to compliance and accessibility, we have the capabilities and experience to address all your data management needs.

While digital transformation covers a variety of projects – from mobile apps to service-delivery models – ultimately, it always involves access to accurate data. Data management services make sure your data is secured, organized, and available so digital transformation projects can deliver on their promises. 

Business Implications


Data Management Services Essentials

With the rise of AI and other data-hungry new technologies, businesses everywhere are recognizing the untapped potential in their proprietary data. Our data management services set you up for success by taking an end-to-end approach to helping you maximize the strategic value of your data.  

CoreDTS for Data Management

Make smarter decisions and improve operational efficiency with data management services. From data architecture to data quality and integration with ERPs, data marts, and CRMs, we can help.

Secure and scalable solutions for organized, efficient data access.

Tools for actionable insights and improved decision-making.

Comprehensive measures for data protection and regulatory compliance..

We deliver continuous monitoring and process management so you get peak data performance.

CoreDTS for Data Management

Make smarter decisions and improve operational efficiency with data management services. From data architecture to data quality and integration with ERPs, data marts, and CRMs, we can help.

With Data Management Services, Your Whole Business Wins

Businesses interested in data-driven decision-making quickly realize the difference data management services can make. Our services help enable strong data benefits your entire organization can celebrate.

Financial Wins

Data management services fastrack your access to actionable insights on how to boost competitive advantages, improve worker productivity, and reduce costs.

Growth Wins

As your business needs evolve, our flexible data management solutions easily scale up or down, supporting growth without significant impacts to in-house resources.

Collaboration Wins

Data management services facilitate centralized data access, enabling seamless remote work with data that is clean, organized, and ready to integrate.


Best Practices for Good Enterprise Data Governance

There are two main advantages for creating a data governance program — increasing revenue and reducing risk. Which are you getting from yours?

What our Customers Say

“At Dianthus Therapeutics, we recognize the valuable role that Coretelligent plays in our ability to execute and meet the needs of our employees and partners. Their services provide a crucial foundation for our ability to grow and meet the needs of the company and our industry. Coretelligent’s expertise in helping with everything from security and compliance to our daily processes allows us to focus on our goals.”

“Coretelligent’s onsite engineers are extremely knowledgeable and always go the extra mile. We have been fortunate to work with a great team at Coretelligent over the last few years. They have been terrific assets in helping Smile Train work through some trying times. We consider them to be part of the Smile Train team.”

“Integral to the past and future success of our firm is our partnership with Coretelligent. Entrusting the entirety of our IT footprint to Coretelligent has created a multiplying effect for the business; we are realizing greater synergies, empowering our people to be more productive, and enhancing our abilities to protect our business and our clients’ data from ever-present cyber threats.”

Let’s Talk About Your Data Management Services

Tell us about your plans for your data. We’ll tailor our data management services to align with your business goals.

FAQs About Data Management Services

Need help explaining data management services to a colleague or other stakeholder? Start here.

Data Management services are solutions provided by third-party vendors to streamline a company’s data management processes with:

  • Comprehensive IT Solutions – Offered by MSPs to align with data management needs.
  • Data Handling – Includes architecture, warehousing, security, and analysis.
  • Optimization – To enhance decision-making through high-quality data insights.
  • Accessibility & Accuracy – Ensures data is easily accessible, accurate, and actionable.
  • Collection & Analysis – Encompasses data collection, storage, processing, and analysis. 

These services support a data-driven approach to improving business strategy and operations​​​​.

Data Management services include a range of solutions tailored to provide organizations with consistent, efficient data program administration:

  • Data Architecture – Designing the structure for storing, managing, and analyzing data.
  • Data Warehousing – Consolidating data from various sources for reporting and analysis.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) – Creating a single source of truth for all critical business data.
  • ETL Services – Extracting, transforming, and loading data for operational efficiency.
  • Data Quality Management – Ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of data.
  • Data Integration – Combining data from different sources into a unified and consistent dataset.
  • Data Security – Protecting data from unauthorized access and breaches.
  • Analytics & Visualization – Offering tools and services for data analysis and visual representation.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery – Ensuring data is recoverable in case of loss or damage.

These components work together to provide businesses with reliable, secure, and actionable data insights that support informed decision-making and strategic planning​​​​.

Data Management services’ benefits lie in their ability to transform the way organizations handle their data, which leads to several key advantages:

  • Cost Savings – By outsourcing data management, businesses can reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure​​.
  • Enhanced Security – Managed services provide advanced security measures, ensuring data protection and compliance with regulatory standards​​.
  • Improved Data Quality – Ensuring accurate, reliable, and consistent data across the organization supports better decision-making​​.
  • Increased Efficiency – With managed services, companies can streamline their data management processes, from collection to analysis, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency​​.
  • Scalability – Services can be easily scaled to meet the evolving needs of the business, supporting growth without the need for significant in-house expansion​​.
  • Access to Expertise – Businesses gain access to a team of IT and data experts, ensuring that they can leverage the latest technologies and best practices​​.

These benefits collectively contribute to a more strategic and effective use of data, enabling businesses to leverage their data assets for competitive advantage and growth.

Data Management services are crucial for several reasons that underpin the operational, strategic, and competitive framework of modern organizations:

  • Data Complexity Management – As data volume, variety, and velocity continue to grow exponentially, managing it becomes increasingly complex. Managed services simplify this complexity, allowing businesses to focus on core activities​​.
  • Cybersecurity Enhancement – With cyber threats evolving rapidly, data management services ensure that businesses stay ahead with advanced security measures, protecting sensitive data and maintaining customer trust​​.
  • Operational Agility – They provide the agility needed to adapt to market changes, enabling businesses to scale their operations up or down with ease, ensuring they remain competitive in a dynamic business environment​​.
  • Cost Efficiency & Predictability – These services convert variable costs into fixed costs, providing businesses with predictability in budgeting and reducing the overall cost of data management​​​​.
  • Access to Expertise – Businesses benefit from access to a wide range of expertise and the latest technologies, ensuring they can leverage data for insights and decision-making without the need for extensive in-house capabilities​​.
  • Strategic Focus – By offloading the burden of data management, businesses can redirect their focus toward strategic initiatives, driving innovation and growth​​.

Data management services enable organizations to navigate the complexities of modern data programs efficiently and securely, and help transform data into a strategic asset that drives informed decision-making and sustainable growth.

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