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Electrical Power Services Provider Leans into IT for Scale and Strategic Alignment

Comprehensive IT services meet electrical power services company needs for enhanced operations and growth.
34-Location IT Support
Ramped up end-to-end IT services for 1,898+ users across North America.
2,786+ tickets/month
Implemented system to resolve high volume of IT support requests more effectively.
This US-based customer is a leading authority in electrical power maintenance, engineering, and testing. They provide comprehensive, safe technical services for electrical power systems and equipment for businesses across North America
Solutions provided


In the midst of explosive growth, an electrical power services company found itself looking for a new IT partner. They needed a team of technology experts to help streamline their operations and free up resources for other strategic projects. 

Working with us brought them enhanced user support, an elevated IT infrastructure, fortified security and compliance, and advanced automation capabilities.


This customer, which provides technical services to other companies, needed a strategic overhaul of their IT operations. Following their acquisition by a private equity firm, the company was facing a rapid North American expansion and was looking for a top-tier IT services partner capable of supporting their evolving needs. 

Their IT wish list included everything from significantly improving user support to fostering growth and innovation, and reflected a clear need for a new, scalable IT framework.


The customer partnered with us for our proven expertise in comprehensive IT support, strategy-first approach to customer engagement, high-priority VIP experience, and more. We tailored our Core360 solution to meet the needs of the company’s nearly 2,000 users. With our weekly onsite support presence at the company’s headquarters and continuous remote assistance across all locations, we replaced their outdated ticketing system – boosting ticket resolution by 67% and achieving a 90% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score.

To read more about the solutions we provided for this customer, including details on VPN upgrades, tech modernization, systems integrations, and more, download the full customer story.

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