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The Role of Regulatory Compliance in Life Sciences

In the new age of AI, the intersection of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance has intensified, especially in Life Sciences, which handles vast amounts of sensitive data. With evolving regulatory frameworks and increasing cyber threats, effective compliance management is essential for minimizing breach risks, protecting data, and fostering trust to achieve business growth.

What Early-Stage Life Sciences Startups Need to Know About IT for Robust Growth

The life sciences industry is experiencing rapid growth, driven by significant investment from venture capitalists and early-stage investors in key innovation hubs across the U.S. Early-stage life sciences companies face unique IT challenges as they scale, including balancing innovation, business operations, and budgetary constraints, while planning for future growth and compliance requirements.

Top Emerging Technology Trends in Life Sciences

Top Emerging Technology Trends in Life Sciences for 2022

Maintaining a proactive technology stance will allow your life sciences organization to grow and be competitive in the fast-paced world of biotech, pharma, biomedical, and other life science startups. Companies that do not stay abreast of evolving tech could be missing out, and depending on how fast your business adapts, left behind altogether. Technological change […]

IT Roadmap for Life Sciences Industry from Startup to IPO

Life Sciences Industry Innovation is Where Business & Technology Intersect

The life sciences industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth. Not only does the sector produce life-saving and life-enhancing treatments, but it is fueling investment across the globe. For example, 78 startups went public in 2020 in the biotech sphere, representing a 77% increase from the previous year. Additionally, the first half of 2021 […]

Understanding Common Vulnerabilities Facing Life Sciences

life science cybersecurity

As the life sciences industry evolves, so do the cybersecurity threats it faces. Cybercrime has risen dramatically in recent years, and life science organizations are increasingly the target of these cyber threats. Access to personal information and sensitive, proprietary business information make the life science industry an attractive option for cybercriminals. However, being aware of critical vulnerabilities […]

5 Major Benefits of Cloud Management Outsourcing

Businesses have moved beyond cloud migration and onto cloud strategy. Most organizations have at least a portion of their data or applications on the cloud. Additionally, enterprises are opting for a multicloud or hybrid approach by combining several clouds or cloud types. In looking at strategy, organizations are eager to take advantage of all the […]

Expanded Managed IT Services in Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida

Expanded Managed IT Services in Miami and West Palm Beach

As a leading IT service provider for the financial services and life sciences industry, Coretelligent is pleased to announce the expansion of our field offices in South Florida. With this expansion, we are better positioned to offer our white-glove Managed IT Services in Miami and West Palm Beach to accommodate the growth of the life […]

Evolving Your Life Science Organization: Inception to IPO

Laboratory glassware containing chemical liquid, science background

The past few years have been vibrant ones for life sciences organizations, with nearly 100 IPOs per year fueling significant growth and changes in the sector. The refinement of data-driven technologies, machine learning and AI is creating a perfect environment for growth and revolutionary change that only shows signs of accelerating in the future. While many of […]