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Evolving Your Life Science Organization: Inception to IPO

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The past few years have been vibrant ones for life sciences organizations, with nearly 100 IPOs per year fueling significant growth and changes in the sector. The refinement of data-driven technologies, machine learning and AI is creating a perfect environment for growth and revolutionary change that only shows signs of accelerating in the future. While many of these organizations quickly expand beyond expectations, most had humble origins that required a startup mentality before significant advances were made with approved funding. Here are a few of the IT solutions from Coretelligent that will support your life sciences organization at each stage of your expansion from inception to IPO.

Creating Affordable, Scalable Solutions for Life Science Organizations

Few companies have thousands of individuals and multiple locations from inception. It takes time to create a complex ecosystem, but it’s vital that you begin an organization with the correct building blocks or you will quickly find your company hitting technical roadblocks. Having an idea of the potential scale of your organization and sharing that information with your IT managed services provider and technical staff allows them to define the robust and scalable infrastructure that will support smooth growth over time while protecting the important intellectual property that will eventually be stored and utilized within your life sciences entity. With the increased competition in the marketplace and the appealing nature of life sciences organizations for cybercriminals, maintaining high levels of security is an important start to your success.

Establishing Office Setup and Relocation

There’s much more involved with creating a secure and well-structured business environment than simply running cords to connect a network. Structured cabling offers the grid capabilities for upgrade and changes that will help provide a springboard for growth for your organization. During this crucial phase of your early operations, the decisions that you make can have a profound impact on how quickly you are able to scale as well as the costs associated with making changes in the future. When you involve knowledgeable IT professionals early in the process, you’re able to gain the peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure can stand the added pressure and complexity over time. Having secure wired and WiFi connections throughout your space will help boost efficiency over time, particularly when you consider the heavy data demands of a life sciences organization.

Defining Highly Secure, Cloud-based Solutions

Secure and convenient access to information can be a differentiating factor for many organizations, something that is particularly true for life sciences companies where real-time data and immediate analyses are often daily requirements. Human-machine collaboration will grow in importance over time as technology evolves, creating a compelling need for data that is always up-to-date and accurate. Cloud-based solutions for data storage and business applications help ensure that sensitive information is fully protected and accessible, tightening the connections between data and applications while maintaining exceptional levels of protection for individuals and intellectual property.

With a solid background in supporting growing life science organizations, the experts at Coretelligent have the knowledge and experience required to help make your firm a success. Our team of technical and business professionals will support each stage of your journey from inception to IPO, ensuring that you have the solutions and support needed to fuel your growth. Contact the technical and business professionals at Coretelligent at 855-841-5888 or email to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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