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Ensure your unique data and process requirements are being met with IT solutions built on deep domain experience and expertise.


At Coretelligent, we’re redefining the essence of IT services to emphasize true partnership and business alignment.


Get our perspective on the connections between technology and business and how they affect you.


Get Technology Strategy & Planning That Aligns with Your Business Goals

What Is Business Technology Consulting?

Business technology consulting empowers organizations to tap into strategic IT guidance from a virtual CIO for things like aligning technology and growth objectives and planning IT budgets.

When you partner with us for technology strategy & planning services, our solution engineers become your vCIO team. We get to know your IT policies & procedures, your IT systems, and your business goals from the ground up – so we can maximize the value of your IT infrastructure investments and help lower your tech TCO.

By harnessing the expertise of a seasoned vCIO team, you have access to dedicated, professional guidance on the end-to-end technology involved with your digital transformation projects. Whether they’re identifying ways to fortify your cybersecurity posture or creating tech upgrade paths, vCIOs can help ensure your digital initiatives are technologically sound.

Business Implications


Technology Strategy Services Essentials

For companies with limited IT staff or CIOs who are stretched thin, our technology strategy & planning services provide a consultative perspective, built on years of experience. Our dedicated vCIOs can help you align, secure, and optimize your technology.

We will conduct technical sessions that dive deep into your environment to show how your infrastructure compares with industry best practices. This enables us to identify any gaps or risks and address areas of concern together.

We will create a strategic technology roadmap to guide your future planning and purchasing priorities.

We will help define your Systems Architecture to ensure that it aligns with your business needs.

We will provide product demos to help keep you informed of emerging or existing products that can help you be more secure, stable, and scalable.

We will ensure seamless integration of tech solutions with business strategies for optimal performance.

We will assess the security of your digital assets and their appropriate compliance requirements.

We will manage and maintain your technology investments to help drive efficiency and maximize ROI.

Benefits of Technology Strategy Services

Find out how technology strategy solutions can help boost efficiency, security, and innovation – and see what makes them the competitive edge companies need more than ever.

Reduced Costs

Avoid unnecessary tech bloat and resolve tech issues more quickly than in-house teams are able to, often at a fraction of the cost.

Improved Efficiency

Optimize your tech infrastructure to boost efficiency and productivity while relieving internal resources of IT management distractions.

Access to Expertise

Leverage the latest technological innovations and best practices using consultants who possess highly specialized knowledge and experiences​​.

Enhanced Security

Fortify your defenses with the most up-to-date data-protection measures implemented by experts in countering advanced cyber threats.


Adapt to changing market conditions and seize new opportunities with consulting services that adjust to fit your business.


Shay Capital Invests in Scalable Infrastructure & IT Support

A growing New York-based investment firm needed a tech partner capable of supporting their high-velocity trading operations. We delivered cybersecurity expertise, innovative cloud solutions, and performance they can build on.

What Our Customers Say

“You can see how carefully Coretelligent stays in touch with our needs, and tailors things to suit our changing goals or circumstances. There have even been times when we thought we had to replace something, and Coretelligent told us it wasn’t the case — that we could reduce capital expenditures by leveraging something we already had for more value. That’s what a CFO wants to hear.”

“Coretelligent is not just a technology partner; they are an extension of our team. Coretelligent, day after day, works closely to support, troubleshoot, and look after all our employees’ IT needs. They also monitor all our offices up and down the East Coast. In a work environment so reliant on technology — it is our #1 priority, operationally — having 24/7/365 day support allows us to successfully support and process our business.”

“Integral to the past and future success of our firm is our partnership with Coretelligent. Entrusting the entirety of our IT footprint to Coretelligent has created a multiplying effect for the business; we are realizing greater synergies, empowering our people to be more productive, and enhancing our abilities to protect our business and our clients’ data from ever-present cyber threats.”

Let’s Talk About How Technology Consulting Services Can Help You

Tell us about your tech strategy roadblocks. We can help unblock innovation and growth with vCIO services that are tailored for your goals.

FAQs About Business Technology Consulting

Need help making the case for business technology consulting with a colleague or other stakeholder? Start here.

A technology strategy consultant, often functioning as a virtual CIO (vCIO), provides expert guidance on how to leverage technology to align with and achieve strategic business goals. Professional technology strategists can help ensure that technology investments drive growth and offer competitive advantages.

A business technology consultant or vCIO assesses an organization’s technology environment, identifies opportunities for improvement, and lays out the blueprint for using technology to support the business’s growth, efficiency, and cybersecurity posture.

The difference between IT consulting and technology consulting is that IT consulting usually zeroes in on the nuts and bolts of a company’s IT setup with regard to its technical and day-to-day operations. Technology consulting provided by a virtual chief information officer (vCIO), on the other hand, takes a wider view. It’s about planning how technology can fuel business success, spark innovation, and support growth over the long haul.

Businesses that benefit from technology strategy services include companies of all sizes, across all industries. From startups seeking to build a strong technology foundation to established enterprises aiming to navigate digital transformation, a vCIO or technology strategist can provide invaluable expertise.

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