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What Are Data Strategy Services and Why Are They Important?

Data strategy services help businesses analyze, plan, and implement how to manage, utilize, and secure their data. Before most organizations can reap the benefits of the data they generate – and not get overwhelmed by the volume of information – they need a map that clearly connects their data to their business goals.  

That’s where we come in. Our data strategy solution assesses where you are with your data now and provides a blueprint for how to use your data to drive meaningful decision-making, efficiency, and innovation

Business Implications


Data Strategy Services & Essentials

Set your organization on the path to data and analytics success. Engage our data strategists to incorporate your growth goals, target efficiency gains, and maximize your competitive strengths.

Initial phase focuses on understanding your business goals to pinpoint where data can create the most impact. From there, we assess your data landscape to set clear, parallel data goals.

Develop a comprehensive framework to ensure data quality, security, and compliance through defined policies and roles.

Design a scalable data architecture that supports diverse data sources and types, with recommendations on cloud platforms, databases, and data storage solutions.

Tailor solutions to integrate disparate data sources into one unified system. Implement robust data management practices to enhance data quality.

Leverage advanced analytics and ML to extract valuable insights, with guidance on selecting and implementing analytical tools and algorithms.

Create intuitive dashboards and reports by leveraging UI/UX experts to effectively communicate insights and trends to all organizational stakeholders.

Establish a cycle of continuous improvement, utilizing feedback and metrics to refine data strategies and ensure your organization retains your data advantage.

Unlocking Growth with Data Strategy Services

A comprehensive data strategy can open other avenues of innovation and change. Let data strategy lead the way into your next phase of growth.

Bridge Strategy & Execution

Knowing what to do and how to do it are not the same. Our proven capabilities help you avoid strategic missteps and implement your plan.

Market Competitiveness

As data success leads to performance enhancements, strategically using data can become a point of competitive differentiation.

Data-Driven Innovation

Stay ahead of market trends and meet evolving customer needs by using data to discover new business opportunities, products, and services.

Scalability & Flexibility

Keep growth top of mind by ensuring your data infrastructure can evolve and support your business without becoming a bottleneck.


Best Practices for Good Enterprise Data Governance

There are two main advantages for creating a data governance program — increasing revenue and reducing risk. Which are you getting from yours?

What Our Customers Say

“Coretelligent is not just a technology partner; they are an extension of our team. Coretelligent, day after day, works closely to support, troubleshoot, and look after all our employees’ IT needs. They also monitor all our offices up and down the East Coast. In a work environment so reliant on technology — it is our #1 priority, operationally — having 24/7/365 day support allows us to successfully support and process our business.”

“Coretelligent has exceeded all of my team’s expectations since partnering with them. Their team’s ability to move quickly, adapt to changes, and provide top-tier service is impressive and should be considered the standard in the IT and cybersecurity space. We’re truly grateful to be working with them and look forward to growing together.”

“Coretelligent has us covered when it comes to IT strategy, security and support. They proactively monitor many details and communicate quickly. I can count on our dedicated team for rapid resolution, escalation when required and most importantly, anticipating issues. We know our engineers well – and have spoken on evenings and weekends in a pinch! Coretelligent is an extension of our team, whether it’s on-site or remote due to their excellent internal documentation and communication. They are a trusted partner for Costanoa Ventures.”

Let’s Talk About Your Data Strategy Services Needs

Tell us about your data assets and your business plans. We’ll build a data strategy that aligns the two to help you succeed.

FAQs About Data Strategy Services

Need help explaining data strategy services to a colleague or other stakeholder? Start here.

Data strategy services provide guidance on how to effectively manage, utilize, and secure an organization’s data to align with their unique business goals. Professional data strategists can help craft and execute a comprehensive plan that leverages data for better decision-making, operational efficiency, and innovation. 

By focusing on discovery and assessment, data governance, architecture and infrastructure design, data integration and management, advanced analytics, data visualization, and continuous optimization, data strategy services can help set organizations up for data and analytics success.

Data strategy services involve a range of activities that help organizations define the context around their data and establish plans for how it can help support their growth objectives. Experts work closely with businesses to:

  • Assess Current Data Ecosystem – Conduct a thorough review of the customer’s existing data management practices, infrastructure, and governance to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Develop & Implement Data Plans – Design a customized data strategy that aligns with the customer’s business roadmap, leveraging data for growth, efficiency, and innovation.
  • Enhance Data Governance – Establish or refine data governance frameworks to ensure data quality, security, compliance, and accessibility.
  • Design Data Architecture & Infrastructure – Recommend and implement scalable data architectures that support diverse data sources, types, and analytics needs.
  • Integrate & Manage Data – Help integrate disparate data sources into a cohesive solution, ensuring data is accurately collected, stored, and managed.
  • Leverage Advanced Analytics & AI – Utilize best-in-class analytical tools to extract actionable insights from data, supporting predictive analytics and decision-making processes.
  • Implement Data Visualization & Reporting Solutions – Design intuitive dashboards and reports to make data insights accessible and actionable across the organization.
  • Guide Continuous Improvement – Provide ongoing support to ensure the data strategy evolves with the organization, using feedback and performance metrics to drive continuous improvement.

Overall, a data strategy services partner functions as an advisor that helps organizations develop and implement plans to use data to achieve their goals.

Data strategy service deliverables typically include include:

  • Discovery & Assessment – Documentation of an organization’s business goals, data landscape, sources, quality, and infrastructure, and identification of key areas where data can drive insights and value.
  • Data Governance Framework – Documentation of policies, roles, and responsibilities to ensure data quality, security, and compliance, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Data Architecture & Infrastructure – Designs for scalable data solutions that accommodate various data sources and types, including selecting suitable cloud platforms, databases, data warehouses, or data lakes tailored to the organization’s needs and budget.
  • Data Integration & Management – Design documents with respect to consolidating data from diverse sources into a unified repository, employing data management methods to ensure data is cleaned, organized, and maintains high quality.
  • Advanced Analytics & AI – Design documents identifying sophisticated analytics and AI tools to uncover insights, with guidance on selecting and implementing tools and algorithms for predictive modeling, anomaly detection, and other use cases.
  • Data Visualization & Reporting – Designs for interactive dashboards and reports to effectively communicate insights, with emphasis on intuitive and accessible visualizations for stakeholders across the organization.
  • Continuous Improvement and Optimization – Documentation of processes for ongoing enhancement of data initiatives, utilizing feedback and performance metrics to monitor effectiveness, identify optimization opportunities, and innovate in a rapidly evolving data landscape.

These components collectively ensure that an organization’s data strategy is robust, aligned with business objectives, and capable of adapting to future challenges and opportunities.

Data strategy services are beneficial to a range of industries and organizations. Any business looking to use data to inform their decision-making, improve operations, or drive innovation should consider engaging the help of data strategy services professionals. Relevant business examples include:

  • Financial Services – Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms can use data strategy for risk management, customer segmentation, fraud detection, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies can leverage data strategy for patient care optimization, research and development, regulatory compliance, and personalized medicine.
  • Retail & Ecommerce – These businesses can use data strategy to ensure they’re capturing customer insights, improving inventory management, generating personalized marketing, and enhancing the overall customer shopping experience.
  • Manufacturing – Data strategy can help manufacturers with supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, quality control, and operational efficiency.
  • Technology & Telecommunications – Companies in this sector can utilize data strategy for product development, network optimization, customer retention, and cybersecurity.
  • Public Sector – Government agencies and nonprofits can use data strategy to help shape policy development, public service improvement, resource allocation, and transparency initiatives.
  • Education – Schools, colleges, and educational platforms can benefit from data strategy with student performance tracking, curriculum development, and operational efficiency.
  • Transportation & Logistics – Data strategy in this industry can aid in route optimization, fleet management, demand forecasting, and customer service improvement.

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