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Ensure your unique data and process requirements are being met with IT solutions built on deep domain experience and expertise.


At Coretelligent, we’re redefining the essence of IT services to emphasize true partnership and business alignment.


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Managed IT Services in Norwalk

From managed IT services to smart IT solutions, we help you use technology to transform your business.

Your Trusted Partner for Norwalk IT Support

As an award-winning managed services provider, we partner closely with your teams to ensure your technology infrastructure supports your business goals. This alignment helps elevate your productivity, fortify your cybersecurity, and significantly reduce your risk exposure.

Our service area spans Norwalk, its surrounding regions, and across the country. Trust us for comprehensive IT services that address all your business technology needs.

Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Since 2006, Coretelligent’s solution engineers have been empowering businesses’ growth through expert IT help desk support and technology solutions. We tailor our IT services to meet your unique business needs. So whether you need help with cybersecurity, compliance, cloud solutions, data management – or any combination of these – we can help. We can even help you explore and integrate emerging technologies like AI into your operations.

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What Our Customers Say

“Our business is 24/7. We have people who work throughout the night and at all odd hours. It’s critical that any problem they have gets immediate attention. Coretelligent’s response times and level of competency have been phenomenal. As a growing investment firm, it was important to have the right technology, speed, and execution. Noting the complexity of a small organization and a number of people who are highly dependent upon their systems, it was mission critical for us to have a top-tier technology infrastructure and partner.”

“Coretelligent’s onsite engineers are extremely knowledgeable and always go the extra mile. We have been fortunate to work with  a great team at Coretelligent over the last few years. They have been terrific assets in helping Smile Train work through some trying times. We consider them to be part of the Smile Train team.”

“Coretelligent has exceeded all of my team’s expectations since partnering with them. Their team’s ability to move quickly, adapt to changes, and provide top-tier service is impressive and should be considered the standard in the IT and cybersecurity space. We’re truly grateful to be working with them and look forward to growing together.”

We specialize in top-tier business technology. Put our expertise to work for you.

Managed IT Services Offered

Explore the IT solutions we offer in Norwalk and everywhere your business takes you.

A Fresh Approach to MSP Service

Think you know what to expect from our services and capabilities based on other managed service providers you’ve engaged? Prepare to be impressed.

Why Choose Our Norwalk IT Support Services?

Instead of standard bronze, silver, or gold support packages, we tailor our onsite and remote support options to ensure you get the exact services you need. Our Norwalk managed IT services are right-sized for you – whether that means complete IT outsourcing or simply adding depth to your existing resources.

Our vCIO capabilities enable us to design right-sized technology plans that grow with you – across your entire organization and for all your strategic business objectives. We’ll work with you and your colleagues to make sure you have the technology you need to consistently deliver top performance, both today and as your business evolves.

We evaluate your IT infrastructure and processes for compliance with your organization’s industry-specific legal and regulatory data handling requirements. We close the gaps that put your sensitive information at risk and provide ongoing monitoring to strengthen your end-to-end security posture.

FAQs About Our IT Services in Norwalk

First off, yes, we do offer our industry-leading help desk support and IT solutions to customers everywhere, not just in Norwalk. Here are some other common questions we get.

The difference between IT services and managed services is most easily explained in terms of scope. 

  • With IT services, you’re generally hiring people with technical skills to create, manage or optimize your access to specific business information or processes. Using this working definition, you can think of IT services as project-based, narrowly focused, and often restricted to a specific period of time.
  • Managed services, on the other hand, encompass a more broad range of advanced skills, applied on an ongoing basis. Most commonly, they involve transferring the care and maintenance of your IT infrastructure over to a professional third party. Your managed services provider will handle the total operation of your technology, processes, and systems to ensure support for your overall business goals.

To choose a managed IT service provider, approach your quest with the same rigor and enthusiasm you’d apply to any strategic engagement. It all comes down to finding a qualified, reliable partner you can trust. And while budgets are absolutely important, identifying a good fit involves more than comparing prices. Here are some tips to help jumpstart your research:   

  • Know your must-have MSP capabilities criteria – Build a list by articulating the business problems or pain points you need them to address. Include any support needs around specific types of systems or applications, and your certification or compliance requirements.
  • Look for experience, case studies, testimonials, awards, and other industry recognition – or ask for them – As you’re reviewing MSPs’ websites, their credentials should be self-evident and verifiable by outside sources. When it comes to your business-critical technology, you want a reputable partner with a proven track record.
  • Check with your peers – Ask professional colleagues about the MSPs they use, and their experiences with different vendors. Reach out to your network contacts on LinkedIn, and ask your fellow stakeholders to do the same. First-hand accounts from people whose opinions you value can give you the inside scoop on what it’s really like working with a particular MSP.

Any type of business can be a good fit for managed IT services. Ones that are particularly well suited, however, are those that need a cost-effective way to afford advanced expertise – usually more than basic help desk support – without investing in their own in-house staff and overhead. Here are some examples:

  • Healthcare Organizations – Managed IT services can provide expertise in securing patient data and complying with HIPAA regulations.
  • Finance Firms – Managed IT services can protect sensitive customer data and help firms meet their financial regulatory standards.
  • Legal Practices – Managed IT services can offer enhanced security for confidential client data and ensure compliance with legal industry standards.
  • Educational Institutions – Managed IT services can safeguard student information and help schools and related organizations adhere to regulations like FERPA.
  • Hospitality Companies – Managed IT services can help maintain customer-facing technologies and network systems that are vital to ensuring five-star experiences.
  • Construction Firms – Managed IT services can ensure reliable IT infrastructure crucial for project management and productivity.

Yes, we serve customers outside of Norwalk, CT. With a strategic network of 16 offices across the United States, our capabilities span across North America and Europe. Regardless of your business’s geographical location or where your endeavors may lead, our US-based support teams stand ready to assist you every step of the way.

US-Based Support for Business Everywhere

Our 24/7/365 support follows the sun – so no matter where or when you need help, we’re ready.

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