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Ensure your unique data and process requirements are being met with IT solutions built on deep domain experience and expertise.


At Coretelligent, we’re redefining the essence of IT services to emphasize true partnership and business alignment.


Get our perspective on the connections between technology and business and how they affect you.


Managed IT Services in New York City

Gain a trusted technology advisor for your business. Partner with us for managed IT services and IT solutions.

Your Trusted Partner for New York City IT Support

As New York City’s premier IT services provider, we can help your business get more value from your technology investments. Trust us to increase your operational uptime, protect your data, and reduce your risk of cyberattacks. 

Our service area covers all of New York City, including Manhattan, the Financial District, the Fashion District, Greenwich Village, Harlem, Midtown, Soho, the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and – you get the picture. Wherever you need IT infrastructure services & solutions, we can help.

We’re the IT Experts You’ve Been Looking For

Our help desk support and technology experts have been helping ease companies’ IT headaches since 2006. We specialize in providing managed IT services, along with a full range of advanced IT infrastructure solutions. These include cybersecurity, data privacy and security compliance, cloud solutions, and data management. We also offer strategic technology planning services, and can help you integrate emerging technologies like AI into your business operations.

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What Our Customers Say

“What has made Coretelligent stand apart is the level of service, the responsiveness, the attentiveness, and willingness to jump in and do whatever it takes to get the job done. There is an attitude that’s different at Coretelligent, that’s different from any other IT we’ve experienced before.”

“Coretelligent is not just a technology partner; they are an extension of our team. Coretelligent, day after day, works closely to support, troubleshoot, and look after all our employees’ IT needs.”

“Coretelligent’s onsite engineers are extremely knowledgeable and always go the extra mile. We have been fortunate to work with  a great team at Coretelligent over the last few years. They have been terrific assets in helping Smile Train work through some trying times. We consider them to be part of the Smile Train team.”

We specialize in top-tier business technology. Put our expertise to work for you.

Managed IT Services Offered

Explore the IT solutions we offer in New York City and everywhere else our customers’ business takes them.

Redefining MSP Excellence in New York

At Coretelligent, we approach your technology from a different angle than most MSPs. In fact, we do a lot of things differently.

Why Choose Our NYC IT Support Services?

From assigning you a pod of dedicated support engineers to providing access to our ServiceNow-powered CoreIQ service dashboard, our service model sets us apart from the crowd. Quite frequently, the reason businesses are researching our IT services in the first place is because they’re frustrated – with their technology, their existing service provider, or both. We put our relationships with our customers and our colleagues at the center of our service model; you’ll experience the difference this makes in everything we do.

One of our particular strengths involves mapping out companies’ technology investments so their IT infrastructure perfectly supports their business ambitions. Our experts can offer guidance on your tech budgeting and planning to ensure you’re keeping up with industry best practices. With the help of our NYC IT solution engineers, your technology can become a competitive advantage.

Instead of standard bronze, silver, or gold support packages, we tailor our onsite and remote support options to ensure you get the exact services you need. Our NYC managed IT services are right-sized for you – whether that means complete IT outsourcing or simply adding depth to your existing resources.

FAQs About Our IT Services in NYC

First and foremost, yes, we provide our top-tier help desk support and IT solutions to customers far and wide, not only in New York City. Here are a few other things businesses often ask us about.

The distinction between IT services and managed services lies primarily in their scope of application.

  • IT services typically involve engaging specialists with technical expertise to develop, oversee, or enhance specific business information or processes. This model is often project-oriented, with a focus on precise tasks or goals, limited by time.
  • Conversely, managed services offer a comprehensive suite of advanced skills, delivered continuously. This approach usually entails entrusting your entire IT infrastructure’s upkeep to a third-party expert. A managed services provider takes charge of your entire technological framework, systems, and processes, with the aim of aligning their operation with your broad business objectives.

Choosing a managed IT service provider requires doing your research – just like you would before entering any other business partnership – because the stakes are too high if you get it wrong. Don’t make exercise all about cost unless you’re truly willing to trust your critical systems and data to the lowest bidder. Instead, we recommend compiling your list of candidates and vetting each along these lines:

  • Crucial Capabilities – Pinpoint the specific business issues you need resolved, including your support requirements around any unique systems or applications, and the data privacy and security compliance regulations you need to maintain. 
  • Credibility & Expertise – Research potential partners’ skills and achievements by requesting years of experience, case studies, customer feedback, accolades, and professional acknowledgments that have third-party verification.
  • Industry Reputation – Solicit advice from colleagues and explore networks like LinkedIn for input. Genuine experiences shared by trustworthy contacts can provide invaluable insight into what it’s really like to work with prospective vendors.

Managed IT services are a good fit for businesses that want access to high-level expertise, but don’t necessarily need or want to maintain those resources as in-house employees. These services are particularly advantageous for:

  • Healthcare Organizations – Boosting the security of patient data and achieving HIPAA compliance.
  • Finance Firms – Ensuring the protection of sensitive customer data and compliance with financial regulations.
  • Legal Practices – Maintaining the confidentiality of client information and adhering to legal standards.
  • Educational Institutions – Protecting student information and meeting FERPA regulations.
  • Hospitality Companies – Keeping essential customer service technologies and network systems reliable.
  • Construction Firms – Enhancing IT infrastructure for improved project management efficiency.

Yes, we serve customers outside of New York City. With 16 offices across the United States, we provide support to customers throughout North America and Europe. Regardless of your business’s location or where your travels take you, our US-based support teams are ready to assist you.

Global Support from Our US-Based Team, Anytime

Our round-the-clock IT support ensures assistance is always available in every time zone. Where do you need help?

Help Us Empower Achievement Through Technology

We leverage technology not for its own sake, but to help businesses – and the people who work for them – achieve their goals. Find out if there’s a spot for you on our team.