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The Importance of a Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

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Are your backup and disaster recovery strategies robust enough to support your company in the face of a widespread disaster?

While many companies are asking that question over the past two years, being proactive about creating and maintaining a backup and disaster recovery plan isn’t a new concept for organizations.

Thousands of companies are faced with business disruptions on an annual basis due to natural disasters or other unexpected events.

The uncertainty of the world around us demands that IT and business teams work together to form a cohesive strategy that will help maintain consistent operations in the face of overwhelming odds and unexpected circumstances — the definition of a business continuity strategy.

Even if your company doesn’t currently have a plan in place, it’s not too late to review procedures and focus on the most important tactics in the event of extended interruptions to our daily lives.

Cloud-Based Backup Reduces Risk of Data Loss

Fully automated backup and disaster recovery solutions are available, but not all services are alike.

For instance, the CoreBDR solution from Coretelligent provides your organization with granular, fast and efficient backups that help reduce the risk associated with data loss when your staff members and contractors are working remotely.

This is a shift from backup strategies that have been employed in the past, which may require the physical presence of staff members onsite at a data center.

With automation supported by industry-leading software solutions and trained IT service providers, you gain an added peace of mind knowing that your business systems can be quickly restored or accessed remotely when needed.

Supporting Your Mobile Workforce

A crisis can change in days, leaving you with little time to purchase, provision and deploy a suite of devices to staff members in remote locations.

In this situation, it’s particularly critical to ensure that staff members understand the security principles needed for secure storage of company data and how to remotely access business applications.

Without access to company laptops or desktops that already contain solutions such as cloud-based data sync and direct connections to on-premise business applications and data, employees may resort to sharing directly from their personal machines or creating data connections that are less-than-secure.

Reduce this possibility by quickly rolling out standards and protocol for creating secure connections for a variety of different working configurations.

Protecting SaaS Data

There are companies such as Google and Microsoft that we can feel confident trusting that our business data will be fully protected in the event of a widescale disaster, but what about smaller SaaS providers?

Business data stored with mid-tier cloud software providers may also be at risk depending on the terms of your individual agreements.

Now is the ideal time to ensure that your digital assets are fully protected and that you will still be able to access vital structures and business systems during a protracted interruption in daily life — either for your company or that of your service provider.

While it would have been impossible to predict the coronavirus pandemic that swept the world, many of the strategies that you put in place with a traditional backup and disaster recovery strategy would translate well to this situation and future ones like it.

From protecting staff members and their personal information to ensuring that your remote access procedures have the highest level of security, IT teams are struggling to find their focus in this “new normal”.

Fortunately, the experts at Coretelligent have over a decade of experience working with organizations from a variety of industries to create proactive backup and disaster recovery strategies that can be quickly and securely executed based on the needs of your company.

Contact the Coretelligent team at 855-841-5888 or via email to to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. You can also download a quick business continuity checklist or view our tips for working remotely

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