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What You Need to Know About Business Data Backup Services

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Saving your information on a regular basis is second-nature to most business professionals working in a traditional software package. That same paradigm is going by the wayside with the growth of cloud-based platforms, how does an entire business hit the “save” button on a regular basis? Even if you do have data backup services in place, are you sure that they’re going to fully protect your business and offer easy and rapid access to your data? Your data backup and recovery solution could mean the difference between a short access outage and a business-stopping disaster.

Benefits of Data Backup Services

There are plenty of arguments for on-premise data backup such as quick access to restore individual files or folders. However, many businesses are now moving to a cloud-based solution as they offer a more comprehensive solution. Distributed data centers provide the security needed to protect your sensitive systems and data while allowing quick access to a complete rebuild should that become a necessity. The potential of a threat actor accessing your information remotely is more of a reality than ever before. This makes it critically important that your business is able to rebuild and efficiently scale operations from any location. Disaster can take many forms such as fire and flood, and it is rare that you have enough advance notice to quickly protect the data within your organization.

Protection for Today’s Businesses

When you work with a trusted data recovery provider, you know that your business information is protected at all times from any type of threat. Creating a backup of your data is only step one as rapid recovery times are a critical indicator of whether your business can survive a catastrophe. The hourly and daily cost of a loss is staggering, with 24% of medium to large businesses in a recent poll reporting that a single hour of downtime can cost between $300-$400,000. This number can include everything from the direct cost of lost productivity and sales to the indirect costs associated with lost productivity and the loss of consumer trust. Backup Data Recovery (BDR) services provide state-of-the-art solutions to this modern business problem without the heavy overhead traditionally associated with scaling up these solutions.

Scalable, Reliable and Resilient

These three words together should describe your data backup services, as they each provide a critical component that will help your business recover quickly. Scalable solutions expand as your business grows, without exceptional effort on the part of your team. Maintaining server compatibility and ramping up for a new project can be costly and time-consuming. This can cause projects to slow down unnecessarily and get in the way of achieving business objectives.

A reliable solution, whether on-premise or in the cloud, is one that is fully redundant and accessible from any physical location. The data centers housing your information must maintain the highest level of security. Customer service and engineering support should be readily available and knowledgeable enough to help bring your business back from the brink.

Resiliency can have a variety of meanings in the technology world. In business data recovery services, being resilient means protecting data from any type of attack and includes compliance measures and encryption whether data is at rest or in transit. Advanced recovery solutions take a multi-pronged approach to managing risk that includes a dedicated team of professionals available for client support.

Modern data backup services allow for the restoration of both relevant data and the virtual environment quickly and efficiently. This allows business users to return to normal operations as quickly as possible — saving time and effort for the organization. Ready to learn how your business can enhance your recovery time after a data loss or disaster? Contact the professionals at Coretelligent today at 855-841-5888 and see the power of a team fully dedicated to your success.

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