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Think About IT: BDR and the Latest Veeam v11 Features

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With the new year off to a busy start, it is important for organizations to stay focused on management and testing of their backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions. Natural or manmade disasters can strike at any point, and while we continue to navigate the unexpected impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, BDR planning can keep your business prepared for anything.

Coretelligent’s CoreBDR solution, powered by Veeam, is leveraged by many of our clients to handle a wide variety of backup challenges, including workstation backups, server backups, offsite replication, disaster recovery failover, and more.

As we look forward for 2021, there are several common customer requirements that can be solved by a robust BDR solution, including the following:

  • Zero tolerance policies for downtime and data loss
  • Safeguarding backup data from ransomware
  • Meeting compliance and retention goals
  • Recovery despite storage and staff constraints
  • Protecting company data while remote
  • Keeping costs within budget

We frequently hear from customers that they are focusing on these areas for their overall BDR policy for 2021 and beyond, especially with remote and WFH workflows expected to continue for a good part of this year:

  • Infrastructure Protection: Customers are interested in dedicating their backup solutions to protect their existing onsite or private cloud hosted resources.
  • Off-site Backup & Disaster Recovery: Another thought our customers have had is the process of replicating backup data away from their primary site(s) and creating a clear, thorough disaster recovery strategy.
  • Public Cloud Protection: With more services and applications moving to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), many organizations require additional levels of protection for these cloud-based resources as part of their overall business continuity and BDR planning.

With these challenges and areas of focus, Coretelligent is striving to ensure the CoreBDR service and platform is equipped to help our customers solve their challenges and achieve their BDR goals.

New Release: Veeam Backup & Recovery v11

On February 24, 2021, Veeam is poised to release v11 of their Backup & Replication product, and this new version brings many key enhancements and features we will be including within our CoreBDR solution offering.

Continuous Data Protection

With v11, Veeam has added a real-time replication feature, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) that enables a more rapid replication and failover workflow, with drastically reduced recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) times compared to regular Veeam backup replication jobs. This enables Coretelligent to again provide more options for customers for mission-critical workloads without relying on third party CDP solutions such as Zerto or VMware SRM.

Archive Tier (Cloud)

This new feature grants the ability to tier archived data out to public cloud storage for cheaper long-term archive storage. Offering AWS Glacier and Azure Archive storage support, this builds off existing support for AWS S3 and Azure Blob storage for primary backup storage targeting.

Security Enhancements

Veeam has introduced additional storage and repository configurations to better protect against service providers being targeted by ransomware and/or malware attacks. This ensures that customer data is always protected and available even if the primary production resources fall victim to ransomware.

Mac Support

With the v11 release, Veeam has released a dedicated backup agent for macOS. This will enable Coretelligent to offer a truly unified backup experience for all endpoints and platforms, eliminating the need for secondary backup vendors or products for Mac workstations.

These are merely a few of the highlights that the new Veeam v11 release brings to the table and that Coretelligent is excited to introduce to our customers later in 2021.

Please stay tuned for further updates as we work to upgrade to this new version and bring these new enhancements to the CoreBDR service. Read more about the v11 release here.

Coretelligent’s CoreBDR offers Managed Protection and Recovery

The Coretelligent solution CoreBDR is a fully managed, cloud-based data protection and disaster recovery solution. Your organization’s most important data will be safe and sound with our solution powered by the enterprise-level Veeam platform. CoreBDR completes fast and efficient, cloud-based backups and data encryption to protect at the source. It is essential for your small- to mid-sized business to invest in BDR solutions to be prepared for anything inevitable.

Our expert team has over a decade of experience providing solutions to financial services, life sciences, and other industries. Schedule your complimentary, initial consultation today to discuss CoreBDR and how it can impact your business operations.

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