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These 4 Password Alternatives Will Help Keep You Safe Online

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Nearly all websites require some sort of login and password. While you know in your heart that you should use different passwords for each website, who has the time (and mental energy) to create new passwords . . . much less remember them in the future? Passwords were once thought to be the most secure way to authenticate users on the internet. However, consumers have slowly been losing confidence in the humble password over the years. It seems like every time you turn on the news there is another organization who has been the target of a cyber attack, many of which are related to password hacking. Here are 4 alternatives to traditional passwords that will protect your family and your business while you are online.

1. Biometrics

Smartphone users will notice that more apps are asking for biometric identification these days, such as a fingerprint. Apple has even instituted facial recognition with the Apple iPhone X. While relatively foolproof, this next generation of digital IDs is not more secure than passwords simply because you can’t “hack” a fingerprint. Every item that you have touched today and in the recent past has a fresh fingerprint on it, just waiting for a nefarious actor to lift and use. Users do find that biometrics provide a better user experience since they are generally easy to use and impossible to forget.

2. Password Managers

The best lockboxes for your passwords work across all platforms and sync seamlessly. Some options that you can find include the ability to log into websites for you, password storage and retrieval, and a system that prompts you if you’re using the same password for too many different sites. Some top apps include:

  • LastPass. Supporting two-factor authentication, LastPass is one of the industry leaders in this space. The software works well online and synced or locally on a single device. When a particular website has been compromised, LastPass is a step ahead and creates new passwords for you.
  • 1Password. If the idea of remembering only one password appeals to you, then this option is a good choice. It works seamlessly across browsers and includes a strong password generator.

3. Simple Multi-factor Authentication

This security measure is widely regarded by security professionals as the only option that is truly viable. Multi-factor authentication requires that you have access not only to your password but also to your smartphone in order to gain access to your sensitive information. Google, Yahoo and many banks are among a few of the organizations who have already moved in this direction. Anytime a website or app texts a number to your smartphone and requires you to enter the code to gain access, that’s generally considered multi-factor authentication.

4. QR Code + Biometrics

While technically this is a multi-factor authentication, this “one step further” approach combines several other best practices for multi-factor to truly amp up the protection for your personal and business information. This system includes scanning a QR code with your smartphone that is visible on your computer’s screen. The second step of authentication includes matching an encrypted mobile ID to the scan to confirm that you are truly authorized. When added to the biometric authentication, this system provides an added level of security beyond simple multi-factor.

Security is a major concern for individuals and organizations of all sizes, and these methods of securing your identity can help protect you at a granular level. At Coretelligent, we are focused on providing the highest level of security possible for your business with our CoreArmor solution. This dedicated, holistic approach to protecting against the cybersecurity challenges found in businesses of all sizes. Contact Coretelligent today at 855-841-5888 or fill out our quick online contact form to receive a free initial security consultation for your business.

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