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7 Top IT Priorities for Executives in 2023

Executives must prioritize cybersecurity, compliance with evolving data privacy laws, and leveraging AI, ML, and low-code/no-code solutions to optimize productivity. Addressing IT labor shortages through strategic partnerships and staying ahead of emerging technologies like 5G and quantum computing are also crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring business success.

Year-End IT Planning & Reviewing Your IT Roadmap

As the year ends, it’s crucial to review and realign your IT planning and strategy to ensure it aligns with business goals and drives growth. This involves evaluating your current IT roadmap, assessing business objectives, reviewing performance indicators, and using these insights to set strategic goals for the upcoming year.

9 Business Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

Business technology trends

It is no secret that business needs to stay on top of the ever-changing technology landscape. Companies that do not keep up will not succeed in the digital age. But, depending on how fast your business adapts, you could be missing out—or left behind altogether. As a new year begins, we start to see lists […]

9 Obstacles to Scalable Technology for Growing SMBs

9 Obstacles to Scalable Technology for Growing SMBs

Scalable technology is an area of regular concern for companies throughout the growth cycle, but it is a make-or-break-it concern for early- to mid-stage companies. At this point, the introduction of IT compliance requirements for privacy, data storage, cybersecurity, reporting, and more create a technology imperative that cannot be ignored. Due diligence requests from investors […]

Anatomy of the Kaseya Ransomware Attack and How to Avoid the Headlines

Ransomware Attack

A breakdown of the Kaseya ransomware attack and how Coretelligent successfully evaded any impacts. The July 4th weekend Kaseya ransomware attack should be a warning to all organizations from small- and mid-sized businesses to multinational corporations. Not only did the attack compromise and exploit the Kaseya VSA product itself, but the hackers’ true focus and intention […]