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10 Tips to Better Spot Phishing Emails

Email phishing is surging, especially in the financial services sector, with attacks ranging from simple scams to sophisticated spear phishing campaigns. The best defense is educating end-users to recognize suspicious emails, focusing on ten common signs of phishing such as generic salutations, bad grammar, and urgent requests.

How to Avoid Increased Risk from Phishing Attacks After SVB Shutdown 

In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank shutdown, cybercriminals are exploiting the situation by registering suspicious domains to launch phishing attacks, targeting industries like tech, life sciences, and investment firms. To avoid these attacks, organizations should implement multifactor authentication, ensure finance teams verify account changes, and provide regular training for employees to recognize phishing attempts and other social engineering tactics.

What is Cyber Hygiene & Why is it Important? (Best Practices)

Cyber hygiene involves the consistent implementation of cybersecurity best practices to secure networks and critical data. Key practices include enabling multi-factor authentication, using strong and unique passwords, keeping software updated, recognizing phishing and social engineering tactics, protecting mobile devices, and using VPNs for secure remote access.

Why are Phishing Emails so Dangerous and How Can You Spot Them?

Why are Phishing Emails so Dangerous and How Can You

Though it’s been around for a while, phishing attacks continue to be one the most common attacks and a favorite among hackers for their effectiveness and simplicity. These types of malicious attacks account for 90% of all data breaches. Phishing schemes target the weakest link in the security chain–individual users. Phishing messages usually look like […]