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Security vs. Compliance: Differences & Similarities (2023)

Security and compliance, while often used interchangeably, serve distinct purposes: security involves implementing technical controls to protect against cyber threats, whereas compliance focuses on adhering to regulatory standards to mitigate legal and financial risks. Both are essential and complementary, with effective security practices facilitating compliance, together providing a comprehensive risk management strategy to protect sensitive data.

What is Enterprise Data Governance? (2023)

Data governance ensures that businesses have a secure and organized system for managing their valuable data, combining people, processes, and technology to create standards that make data accessible, accurate, and protected. Effective data governance improves efficiency, reduces costs, increases revenue, ensures compliance, and mitigates risks by breaking down data silos and enforcing uniform policies and procedures.

5 Ways Outsourced IT Solutions Can Boost Revenue and Productivity

Outsourced IT

Even with all of the available technology solutions, one of the biggest challenges you will continue to hear from technical teams is lack of time. Everything from upgrading current platforms to researching new solutions requires dedicated focus, and the ability to shut out all by-the-minute frustrations and do the work required to move your organization […]

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Data Governance Program?   

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Data Governance Program?

Last month we shared the first in our series about the importance of having a data governance program. With this post, we go more in-depth about why data governance is the key to unlocking the power of your data to drive growth and avoid risk. What is a Data Governance Program? Data is the new […]