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Streamline Business Processes with a Dedicated Professional Services Partner

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Not all managed service providers (MSPs) are built the same – some are smaller, some offer a grander scope of services, and some offer strategic IT. Professional and strategic services allow your MSP to become an extension of your organization’s existing team. They provide guidance and advice while enhancing and executing new strategies. Without this level of engagement from your MSP, your organization may fall out of touch with best practices, miss critical opportunities for optimization, or fall victim to a breach due to unaddressed risk.

Partnered with the MSP’s additional solutions, professional services allow your organization to experience a higher level of care and attention. They strive to create strong relationships with customers to design an IT roadmap that aligns with operational and organizational objectives. Professional services partners guarantee the following:


Scalability describes an organization’s ability to maintain high performance with predictable costs as workloads increase. With the right strategic guidance, your organization will be prepared to seamlessly address unexpected challenges related to growth while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Technical Enhancements

While offering strategic guidance, professional services partners can help your organization select technical enhancements that are best aligned with your business needs. A strategic advisor will evaluate any incoming technology based on cost, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses to determine the best options. They will also review how this technology adheres to the organization’s goals and functions within the holistic IT environment. After new technology is adopted, the professional services partner will be able to serve as a resource for training and support.

Strong Partnerships

Professional services partners form strong relationships with each individual customer to garner a full understanding on how to best serve them. These partnerships create safe, comfortable spaces for partners and customers to bounce ideas back and forth and encourage positive conversations. It is important for customers to feel supported, welcomed, and protected by their service provider. Professional services partners listen to customer concerns to proactively increase scalability, develop technical plans, design IT roadmaps, and more.

Compliance Based on Regulatory Standards

With several compliance and industry specific regulations on the rise, there is a lot to be aware of. Financial services and life sciences organizations are required to abide by standards before investing in any new services, and professional services partners are educated on what will be expected. Compliance can be complex, but there are solutions available. With a strong partner-customer relationship, meeting compliance does not need to be your organization’s concern.

Maximized ROI

Through strong communication with your team and deep understanding of your business, the professional services partner will be able to provide recommendations for new technology that will maximize the customer’s return on investment (ROI). The professional services partner will create recommendations that are cost-effective while considering business initiatives and productivity enhancements. With a proactive approach, your organization will be able to budget spending while thinking strategically about current and future technology needs.

Coretelligent’s Proactive Professional Services

Coretelligent’s IT planning and professional services are designed to support evolving business objectives. Your organization may be required to follow strict compliance regulations with harsh, strict penalties; this requires a lot of thought and guidance to ensure these needs are met and your organization is protected, and it is not something you have to conquer alone. With Coretelligent’s support, your financial services or life sciences organization can maximize scalability, close critical security and capability gaps, and align business processes to your strategic goals.

Investing in an MSP that offers professional services and strategic guidance is essential for your organization. These partners should be proactive, develop relationships with customers, and serve as dedicated resources. Contact us today to learn more.

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