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IT Compliance is a Critical Success Factor for Life Science Organizations

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Life sciences companies are being beset with difficulties on all sides: strict compliance standards, rising demands of patients, and cybersecurity and data privacy requirements. Keeping pace with change and global standards is a core requirement for effective operations, allowing companies to successfully pursue their core missions to serve patients and stakeholders. It’s vital to find a mix of technology and process-based solutions that will allow your life sciences company to be flexible enough to meet evolving needs while still retaining compliance with all government regulations. IT teams are systematically working through complex compliance standards while attempting to streamline operations and identify, analyze, and eliminate compliance risk — without shifting too many resources or attention away from innovation.

Multiple Priorities Can Cause Conflict Between Teams

It’s not unusual for your teams to be pulled in many different directions, attempting to split time between exciting new projects and maintaining a secure and compliant infrastructure. When it comes to priorities, there is an ongoing balancing act that occurs between technical professionals and the rest of the organization that can often result in negative feelings between colleagues. Working with an IT managed services provider to implement strict compliance structures for your technology solutions can help smooth relationships between teams and keep your important research or productivity projects moving forward at a rapid clip.

Establishing a Foundation of IT Compliance is a Top Priority

Establishing a foundation of compliance begins with aligning with global laws, industry best practices and regional codes — all coming together to help guide your life sciences company’s day-to-day operations. Designating compliance officers, defining operational standards, and training are often highly regulated and audited by external bodies. While it takes a great deal of one-time effort to define best practices and principles for your technical staff, there is an element of ongoing review that is also needed to ensure that your internal teams are maintaining high standards of quality. Simply setting best-practices in place is rarely enough for regulators; instead, companies are finding themselves mired in long-term groupings of additional steps that can add significant cost and time to each operational process. One of the best ways to reduce the variances between processes and introduce greater efficiency is to translate repeatable tasks into a technical solution that can be tested and trusted to meet the regulatory requirements of all governing bodies.

Managed IT Solutions Can Simplify Compliance During Shifting Conditions

“Business as usual” doesn’t seem to exist and current conditions that include social distancing and remote work are unlikely to disappear in the near future. Instead, all companies must adjust to a new normal and that often means finding ways to collaborate remotely. When you consider the volume of information that must be shared within a life sciences organization and the expanded compliance requirements, keeping your IT solutions and data assets secure becomes an even more troubling conundrum. It’s difficult to know when — or if — distancing standards will be relaxed, but current conditions dictate that teams are often distributed geographically. This doesn’t change the security or compliance requirements for your daily tasks but can create additional operational challenges for IT teams. Meeting regulatory standards is often a requirement of doing business with certain partners, making it extremely important to have access to technical professionals that are well-versed in the compliance requirements for your sector.

As an innovator in the technical field for life sciences organizations, the professionals at Coretelligent are well-versed in the current and upcoming challenges for this highly-regulated sector. Our teams are continually reviewing the latest cybersecurity standards and compliance protocols — finding and deploying best-practices for our clients. We understand how to maintain balance within your technology platforms to encourage rapid growth while still retaining full compliance with rigid regulatory standards. The Coretelligent team can provide your life sciences firm with the secure, reliable and compliant IT standards that you need to be successful. For a complimentary initial consultation, contact us at 855-841-5888 or via email to

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