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Is Your Law Firm Doing Everything Possible to Protect Client Data?

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Working with client information can be a challenge, especially when your staff needs immediate access to sensitive data. Law firm technology professionals have been wrestling with the thorny problem of balancing information access with security and compliance for many years, but is your law firm taking all possible steps to protect personal and confidential client data? Here are a few of the ways that law firms are protecting their clients — and their infrastructure — from cybercrime.

Making Cybersecurity a Priority

Law firms are an attractive target for hackers due to the high probability of finding confidential client and case information. Legal institutions are likely to store a range of information from employment contracts to patent disputes, all of which can be leveraged to steal corporate intelligence as well as personally identifiable information (PII). Law firms are faced with the reality that it may be only a matter of time before their cybersecurity defenses are breached, potentially leading to massive liabilities and expenses. This has led to an increased effort to protect the software platforms and infrastructure that make up the digital assets of a law firm.

Identifying Risk Factors

It is not uncommon for it to take organizations upwards of six months to determine that a data breach has occurred, especially if there are not aggressive cybersecurity procedures in place that include active notifications. Protecting your client’s sensitive information begins with a full audit of the types of data and individual access levels. Law firms may find that employees are sharing passwords, old accounts have not been fully deactivated and that employees have access to more information than is strictly necessary for them to perform the functions of their job. A full audit of your current solutions and access levels will help identify any areas for improvement.

Deploying Advanced Security Measures

Spear phishing and whaling are two of the many techniques that hackers may employ in an attempt to gain access to the valuable information that is stored within your law firm. Cybercriminals often rely on these relatively simplistic tools to infiltrate a weak system, where they are able to spend time determining the type of confidential and personal information is available before extracting the data that they need. When you work with a partner to put advanced security measures in place, you not only lessen your overall vulnerability to cyberattacks but also increase the chances that any hacking or data breach will be noticed — and quickly halted.

Single Source of Protection

A comprehensive cybersecurity solution allows you to simplify management and tighten security overall by reducing the possibility that crucial systems will be overlooked. Security threats continue to evolve, and it is time-consuming and expensive to maintain the knowledge and tools internally that you would need to effectively combat these threats. A single source of protection such as Coretelligent’s CoreArmor provides you with the threat protection that you need to rapidly identify and remediate network or data attacks. When paired with an advanced backup and data recovery solution, your law firm gains the progressive security posture that is imperative to your long-term success.


If there are steps that you are missing in the quest to protect your confidential client data, contact the professionals at Coretelligent today at 855-841-5888 for a complimentary initial consultation. We specialize in cybersecurity for law firms and other organizations with unique compliance needs and complex data structures. Our full suite of security, backup, data recovery and cloud storage software is fully backed by our award-winning 360 Support and our white glove service guarantee.

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