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Experience the Positives of Dedicated Remote Support Solutions

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In a remote environment, there are still enhanced ways to receive IT support. Your MSP partner has the tools necessary to remotely assist your personnel and resolve issues that may arise with your systems. A solution known as dedicated remote support is customized, personal, proactive, and comprehensive; because of its dedicated nature, this support solution offers support from someone who is familiar with your account and infrastructure. This relationship allows recommendations to be made more easily to keep business operations smooth and dynamic.

Your organization can benefit by investing in dedicated remote support solutions for a multitude of reasons, including familiarity with the resource assigned to your account and the resource being familiar with your organization, successful fulfilment, and awareness. Engineers and technicians can complete services to software applications, affected networks, cloud solutions, and more, and they are also available for program installations and setup and to offer IT guidance. Organizations, partnered with their MSPs, should be flexible to continue operating even if disasters or disconnections from services hit, and dedicated remote support offers successful assistance to serve you best.

To ensure a smooth, remote support experience, dedicated remote support compliments general support services proactively. A dedicated support team is available to offer advice on workflow improvements and can also offer suggestions for new technology which will enable your organization to work more efficiently. Rather than providing strictly tactical support for issues, a dedicated support team will determine the root of a problem and strategically develop a plan to remediate the issue.

Here are three additional great ways dedicated remote support ensures productivity and satisfaction:

        1) Familiarity

Familiarity is a huge piece of dedicated remote support because it establishes comfort in your relationship with your MSP partner. Through scheduled check-in meetings, emails, or phone calls, you can communicate with a familiar, dedicated engineer, who will pay clear attention to detail. This solution is called dedicated remote support for a reason, and by establishing a familiar connection with a technician or engineer, you can trust they will perform your service accurately and carefully to get you back to work seamlessly.

        2) Successful Fulfilment

As remote support continues to evolve as a service, more tools are designed and available, and engineers or technicians can fulfill requests independently. Through cloud-based solutions, technicians have abilities to improve security on internet databases for laptops, computers, and even smartphones. This creates a positive service experience for IT requests.

If dedicated remote support is a concern for your organization because of the fear of fulfilment, know between 70 to 90 percent of all hardware issues and 99 percent of all software issues can be solved remotely due to advanced capabilities.

        3) Knowledge and Awareness

Dedicated remote support can also be an educational experience. While a technician or engineer is actively working on your system, you can visualize the problem through advanced programs that offer screen sharing. Your organization can communicate with your MSP partner to discuss and create a solution to resolve the IT issue or issues at hand. Your technician or engineer will act as a resource for you to learn from, and this promotes a workforce well-educated in technology.

Invest in Dedicated Support for Your Organization

IT support should be tailored to your organization, platform, and employees. You should receive a positive experience as a client, and these services should promise and deliver optimal performance. Dedicated remote support has evolved in ways that allow service to be personalized, informative, and trustworthy.

As your organization is planning for the upcoming Q1 in 2021, remember Coretelligent offers dedicated remote support to serve you quickly, successfully, and productively. Coretelligent’s team of bright experts can equip your organization’s IT roadmap with our 360 Support solution.

Coretelligent’s dedicated remote support replaces the feel of an on-site engineer while still servicing your needs the same. In addition to the benefits available through our dedicated remote support, our broader 360 platform offers end-to-end IT support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year either on-site or remote, but all services will be offered and completed remotely until post-Covid-19.

To learn more about how 360 Support works and can benefit your organization, download our product sheet here.

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