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BioNJ Cybersecurity Briefing Event Recap

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On January 28, 2021, Coretelligent sponsored and attended BioNJ’s Cybersecurity Briefing. The topics of discussion included security challenges and internal and external cyber threats facing life sciences organizations. Cybercrimes are at a high across all industries, and it is an important time for organizations to invest in comprehensive solutions.

Coretelligent’s Chief Technology Officer Chris Messer said, “Today’s security landscape requires even more communication and collaboration than ever before… As recent headlines have shown us, organizations of all sizes may suffer from security blind spots, and a good proactive security posture requires continuous evaluation, education, and refinement.” Cyber risks can target organizations from a wide range of sources. According to this briefing presented by employees from the FBI and DHS, the biotechnology industry has witnessed an increase in recent cyber threats.

When it comes to cybersecurity, Messer said there is no effective “set it and forget it” solution. To remain protected, organizations must have frequent and open communication and collaboration with trustworthy vendors and partners. “In [Coretelligent’s] opinion, a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy requires strong fundamentals. As we’ve seen from current events, there are many common examples where the blocking and tackling of IT operations and cybersecurity policies has been lost or misaligned and has potentially led to some of these breaches,” said Messer.

“The role of protecting an organization frankly starts with individual employees,” Messer said. There is human risk in cybersecurity which could be behind potential cyberattacks, and it can be addressed with proper awareness training, testing, simulations, and more. The briefing highlighted the importance of learning how to prevent threats from inside sources before they are brought to the surface.

Before the discussion with other cybersecurity experts ended, the BioNJ team presented a Q&A session moderated by Messer. Questions asked referenced current events, like the Solar Winds data breach, as well as how to remain protected against potential incoming cyberattacks. For more information about the Solar Winds breach, read here. Threats can come from any direction, so experts recommended listeners to always stay in the know about cyber news. Confidential data and intellectual property should always be stored in protected, monitored locations, and encryption should be used where available. Access control policies, outreach, and an improved security posture also make a huge difference.

We were honored to attend and learn from cybersecurity experts in the biopharmaceutical sector. The Coretelligent Team attends events to expand knowledge, network with other experts in the industry, and keep up to date with new trends and discoveries.

If your life sciences organization is hoping to increase its cybersecurity posture in 2021, consider Coretelligent’s CoreArmor solution. Our cybersecurity solutions provide 24/7 intrusion detection monitoring, behavioral analysis, asset discovery and management, best-in-class phishing testing, and comprehensive cybersecurity training. Download our white paper to learn more.

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