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5 Ways Proactive Cyber Security Impacts Your Businesses

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The number and severity of cyber attacks continue to accelerate, making it critically important that your business is protected from these attacks. This is particularly true of organizations that store a great deal of personal and financial information such as finance and healthcare institutions. The attacks on your data are continually evolving, and it can be a real challenge for your IT department to stay on top of the latest software patches and hardware updates that need to be in place to ensure a heightened level of security for your business. Here are 5 ways that proactive cyber security impacts your business.

1. Reduce the Possibility of Intrusions

There are a variety of ways that proactive cyber security helps reduce intrusions. Ongoing staff training and the introduction of security best practices as well as blocking malware, spam, phishing and other bots are all tactics that will help keep your organization’s vital information safe from harm and authorized access.

2. Improve the Speed of Remediation

Even with the best cyber security tools available, it’s possible that your organization could be infiltrated. In the event of an intrusion, you need to know that your technology support partner is on the job and will quickly remediate the issues and get your business back online quickly. Active monitoring from a centralized location helps reduce the threat of vulnerabilities by making response and remediation a core part of your cybersecurity stance.

3. Enhance Overall Network Security

No business is immune from penetration, and some of the simplest or most innocent deviations from your security strategy can cause a negative impact on your business. For instance, did you know that nearly 60% of threats to financial institutions originated inside the business? This statistic is especially frightening when you consider that financial institutions are one of the top three industries that are being targeted by cybercriminals.

4. Increase Consumer Confidence

The vast majority of business technology leaders believe that enhanced security protocols aid in earning consumer confidence and trust in your brand. This is one of the key reasons that consumers check the Better Business Bureau rating of an organization before they make a decision to work with them. You also see many websites that have “Trusted” or “Approved” badges from various organizations posted. Consumers like to know that others have had a positive experience with your brand, and having solid network security procedures helps protect their faith.

5. Curtail Compliance Issues

When you work with cybersecurity professionals, everything from behavioral monitoring to compliance reporting is proactively managed. Standards for compliance with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) continue to morph and become more stringent, making it crucial to stay on top of the latest advances or risk costly government fines. Log management, access control and more are all a part of maintaining active intrusion prevention.

Maintaining an active security posture is essential, especially for financial and healthcare institutions. At Coretelligent, our security professionals have a depth of knowledge around cybersecurity that helps them make the right recommendations to protect your business. Learn more about CoreArmor, our premier cyber security solution, and see how implementing this next-generation tool will help provide a holistic level of protection to your organization. Contact us today at 1-855-841-5888 or download our complimentary whitepaper on the State of Cyber Security today.

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