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4 Reasons You Should Outsource IT Support ASAP

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Unless your core business competency is providing information technology security support for others, you should join the revolution and outsource this critical piece of your information architecture. Why? Not “because everyone else is doing it”, but because it makes solid business sense. Sure, you will reduce costs and improve overall business processes, but you will also gain some things that are perhaps even more important — time and the ability to quickly scale. The reality is that complexity in the world of technology continues to rise. If your organization’s IT department is underfunded as so many are, it’s unlikely you have the resources to devote to both driving innovation along core business lines as well as supporting the security needs of the organization. Here are four reasons why you should consider outsourcing your IT support to a trusted service provider ASAP.

1. Regain Resources

You have smart, forward-thinking individuals on your technology team, but are they being fully utilized? They know your business better than anyone else, but if they feel stifled or unable to innovate due to the daily pressures of minutia they are unlikely to be motivated to excel. Recapture these amazing resources and turn them loose on solving tough business problems. From automated, onsite and remote support to infrastructure monitoring and reporting, your outsourced IT team handles everything from helping users change passwords to project management of longer-term IT initiatives.

2. Reduce Overhead

The cost of adding a new IT professional can be extensive, not to mention the time required to find someone with exactly the blend of skills that you need both now and in the future. And finding someone who is an excellent cultural fit, too. . . ? The pool of qualified candidates continues to shrink, especially if you are looking to add someone with a different competency set than those you already have on staff. With 360 Support from Coretelligent, you’re adding a team of IT services experts who are available around the clock.

3. Improve Security

Having a full team of security professionals focused on the health of your infrastructure provides needed bench strength to support your internal IT assets. New threats are constantly cropping up — does your internal team have the bandwidth necessary to stay up-to-date on everything coming their way? The proactive model employed by many IT managed services providers (MSP) creates a flow of information to and from your organization from key touchpoints. This allows your MSP to patch servers quickly, providing you with actionable analytics that will make your network infrastructure smarter and security measures harder to defeat.

4. Making Expenses Predictable

Budgeting is a major challenge for many C-suite executives, but IT may be the vertical with the most difficult task when it comes to budget time. If you have the funds available to replace computers and servers every two years — great! However, if you’re like the majority of organizations, these replacements need to come in waves. This makes it tough to predict what can (and will!) fail on an annual basis, and what types of new threat will come on the market that needs to be repelled. With a managed services provider, you are paying a single set fee that protects you against the sudden expenses with traditional IT models.

Working with an MSP to control your costs, improve security and free up time for your IT professionals makes good business sense. It can also help change the rules for your competition. What new innovation could your technology team propose if they had the space to focus on deep-seated business problems instead of putting out fires? Find out today by calling Coretelligent at 1-855-841-5888 to learn more about our 360 Support services. Our team of experts functions as an extension of your technology team, picking up where there are gaps and helping move your business forward.

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